With the Circle K EUROPE card you can refuel in 29 countries. Fuel prices vary widely from country to country, so we collect diesel prices for you from across Europe every week. This can help our customers plan their schedules to save significant costs by fuelling in countries that offer them the best value.
There are two main models for fuel pricing in Circle K networks in Europe:   
- Pump price - customers are charged the price displayed at the individual stations. We show these prices as “Average price in country” (note: in some cases, the price at a specific station or region is identified).   
- List price - a fixed diesel price for all customers. The advantage of this model is that drivers don’t have to spend time searching out the lowest prices, as everyone is charged the fixed list price. List prices are usually set for one week and are available online (see the links in the Price Guide below).

Please follow the links to retrieve the historic list prices for Diesel, Motor Spirit and other Fuels published by Circle K.
Country Actual DIESEL LIST price today, in local currency, including all taxes LIST price history Read more (links to local web portals)
Latvia Download excel Latvia
Lithuania Download excel Lithuania
Estonia Link Estonia
Norway** Norway
Sweden Download excel Sweden
Denmark Link  Denmark
Luxembourg ARAL & TOTAL Energies (Not mortorways) Link Luxembourg
Belgium TOTAL Energies Link Belgium

Country Pump price, including all taxes Comment Read more (links to local web portals)
Poland Average price from previous week Poland

Country DIESEL LIST price today, in local currency, exclusive VAT LIST price history
National roads Motorways
Germany ARAL/BP & TOTAL Energies Link

** Please note that transport cost for diesel and petrol is added to the fuel list price in Norway. Transport cost for petrol and diesel is different for each site. Please download the current list of transport cost for our sites for details. Furthermore, there is an additional transport cost charged for purchases of fuel at sites that are not part of  HTN, our recommended truck sites.